Aclarion and AdventHealth Porter

Aclarion Expands Footprint in Colorado, Partners with AdventHealth Porter – Shares Climb

Aclarion Inc, a pioneering healthcare technology company utilizing biomarkers and advanced augmented intelligence algorithms to pinpoint chronic low back pain, has announced a significant expansion of its operations in Colorado in collaboration with AdventHealth Porter. Based in Denver, AdventHealth Porter is renowned for delivering exceptional medical care across Colorado’s front range. Following this development, Aclarion’s stock experienced a notable surge.

At the time of this publication, Aclarion Inc stock (ACON) has witnessed a surge.
Aclarion Inc
Current Price: $0.45
Change : +0.13
Change (%): (39.75%)
Volume: 1.1M
Source: Tomorrow Events Market Data

Renowned Orthopedic Surgeon and founder of the Colorado Comprehensive Spine Institute, Dr. George Frey MD, emphasized the pivotal role of informed pain assessment in effective patient treatment. He lauded the Nociscan technology for objectively measuring biomarker content correlated with pain within ostensibly healthy discs, as observed in MRI scans. Dr. Frey asserted that integrating Nociscan into their diagnostic toolkit at AdventHealth Porter aligns with their commitment to provide high-quality, cost-effective care.

Brent Ness, CEO of Aclarion, commended AdventHealth Porter’s initiative in introducing Nociscan technology to Denver. He underscored the importance of key opinion leaders like Dr. Frey and institutions like AdventHealth in driving the adoption of Nociscan as the standard of care. Ness expressed gratitude to both parties and anticipated the positive impact of increased Nociscan utilization on the surgical outcomes of chronic low back pain patients in the Denver vicinity.

Carol Bermingham, Imaging Manager at AdventHealth Porter, echoed the sentiment, affirming their dedication to offering outstanding care through cutting-edge treatments. She expressed enthusiasm about incorporating Nociscan into their MRI capabilities, emphasizing how providing personalized biomarker data to physicians aligns with their commitment to enabling the best possible care for patients.

Chronic low back pain (cLBP) constitutes a global healthcare challenge, with approximately 266 million individuals worldwide grappling with degenerative spine disease and associated low back pain. In the United States alone, cLBP affects up to 30 million adults annually, resulting in millions of physician consultations.

Aclarion’s groundbreaking decision-support tool, Nociscan, stands as the first evidence-backed SaaS platform empowering physicians to noninvasively differentiate between painful and nonpainful discs in the lumbar spine. The platform objectively quantifies chemical biomarkers linked to disc pain, which are then processed through proprietary algorithms to identify potential sources of pain. When used in conjunction with other diagnostic tools, Nociscan furnishes vital insights into the origin of a patient’s low back pain, equipping physicians with the clarity needed to optimize treatment strategies.

With this strategic partnership, Aclarion and AdventHealth Porter are poised to lead the way in revolutionizing chronic low back pain diagnosis and treatment, marking a significant milestone in the advancement of healthcare technology.

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