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AgriFORCE Growing Systems Stock Surges Over 100% on Patent Grant

In a remarkable turn of events, AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd. witnessed a notable surge in its stock value following the announcement of a significant patent milestone on February 16. The company, a pioneer in innovative cultivation facility design, revealed that the United States Patent and Trademark Office had granted yet another patent related to its groundbreaking FORCEGH+ facilities. This development sent the stock of AgriFORCE Growing Systems soaring as trading commenced on Tuesday morning, with the stock opening at $0.57, a stark contrast to its previous Friday closing price of $0.21.

At the time of this publication, AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd stock (AGRI) has witnessed a surge.
AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd
Current Price: $0.45
Change : +0.23
Change (%): (109.58%)
Volume: 97.9M
Source: Tomorrow Events Market Data

FORCEGH+, the company’s proprietary cultivation facility design, represents a paradigm shift in sustainable agriculture. Engineered to thrive in extreme macroclimates while adhering to stringent Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards akin to pharmaceutical-grade quality, FORCEGH+ has garnered attention for its ability to maximize crop yields without the need for pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides. The newly granted patent, numbered 11,895,958 and titled “STRUCTURES FOR GROWING PLANTS (TO GENERATE MICRO-ENVIRONMENT CONDITIONS),” further bolsters AgriFORCE’s intellectual property portfolio, extending the company’s competitive advantage in the controlled-environment agriculture space.


Richard Wong, Chief Financial Officer of AgriFORCE, expressed enthusiasm regarding the expanded patent coverage, highlighting its significance in fortifying the company’s intellectual property landscape. Wong noted, “We see the benefits of adding another key U.S. patent around our FORCEGH+ technology, which significantly expands the scope of coverage and extends the timeline around our IP.” Despite the challenges faced by AgriFORCE over the past year, including a near 100% decline in share value, this latest development signals a potential turning point for the company.


Indeed, AgriFORCE’s struggles have not gone unnoticed. In a shareholder letter issued last November, Richard Wong, serving as the company’s interim CEO at the time, acknowledged the formidable headwinds posed by the “massive erosion” of the macro business environment. However, with renewed investor interest sparked by the patent success, AgriFORCE remains poised to capitalize on opportunities for growth and expansion. Wong emphasized the company’s proactive approach to engaging new investors in the US and Europe, with plans to participate in investor conferences throughout 2024.


As AgriFORCE Growing Systems navigates the complexities of the agricultural landscape, the recent surge in stock value underscores the market’s recognition of the company’s innovative potential. While challenges persist, including the need to address underlying weaknesses in market sentiment, AgriFORCE’s patent success represents a significant milestone in its journey toward revitalization and sustained growth.

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