Birkenstock debut on NYSE

Birkenstock (BIRK) Debut on NYSE Marks Significant Milestone

German footwear giant, Birkenstock, made a historic entry into the public market on Wednesday, making a debut on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol “BIRK.” The company’s shares hit the market at $41 each, a slight dip from the priced value of $46 per share set on Tuesday evening.


Initially proposing a range of $44 to $49 per share, Birkenstock’s successful foray into the public market garnered approximately $1.48 billion. Coupled with existing outstanding shares post-offering, the company secured an anticipated valuation of $8.6 billion.


This milestone positions Birkenstock’s IPO as the third-largest in the United States for the year, based on the funds raised. However, the market’s response did not align with the company’s expectations. Market analysts noted the prevailing volatility, emphasizing the audacity of Birkenstock’s valuation strategy.


“Kudos to them getting it done,” commented Ben Laidler, eToro global markets strategist. “Markets have obviously been pretty choppy. It’s pretty big valuation … they clearly pushed the envelope there and I think you’re seeing some of the repercussions of that today.”


Throughout the year, notable IPOs faced tepid receptions. Instacart, for instance, experienced a 16.5% drop from its IPO debut, while Arm, a UK-based chipmaker, saw an over 8% decline from its initial offering price. Klaviyo, a software firm, demonstrated minimal movement, and Cava, although soaring in its summer debut, has since slumped nearly 16%.


These lukewarm responses are instigating investor caution, with many hesitating to engage on day one. “With so few IPOs holding up after their first day, investors are just throwing in the towel,” observed Matt Kennedy of Renaissance Capital. “Why should I buy on day one, if every other IPO is losing me money?”


Hopes for a resounding return to form in the IPO market seem to have been dashed. Laidler remarked, “This was supposed to be the comeback after a long dry spell in the IPO market, but at this point, you have to say that was probably a false storm” of its official return.


Kennedy echoed this sentiment, emphasizing that public investors now demand very attractive valuations. They are increasingly reluctant to invest in companies making their market debut at prices surpassing their peers.


Moving forward, companies contemplating entry into the public market are expected to scrutinize their strategies meticulously. Laidler predicts a dichotomy in future IPOs, featuring either exceptionally high-quality offerings or companies compelled by desperation.


Despite Wall Street’s reserved reception, this momentous step into the public domain signifies just another chapter for the storied German brand. Founded in 1774, Birkenstock’s 249-year journey is now in the capable hands of CEO Oliver Reichert, who is resolute in propelling the brand into the future.


In fiscal year 2022, Birkenstock reported revenue of 1.24 billion euros and sold an impressive 30 million units, maintaining an annual growth rate of 20% since fiscal year 2014.


“Despite this heritage, Birkenstock remains empowered by a youthful energy level, with all the freshness and creative versatility of an inspired Silicon Valley startup,” Reichert stated prior to the IPO. “We have retained the original spirit of our forefathers who laid the foundation of a global business that is more relevant than ever before.”


The debut of Birkenstock on the NYSE marks a significant milestone in the company’s storied history, signaling a new chapter in its journey towards global prominence.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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