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BlackBerry Witnesses Decline in Short Interest Amidst Insider Trading and Analyst Evaluation

BlackBerry Limited (NYSE:BB) experienced a notable decline in short interest during the month of March. As of March 15th, the total short interest amounted to 43,290,000 shares, marking a 6.7% decrease from the previous month’s total of 46,380,000 shares. Approximately 7.5% of the company’s shares are currently short sold, with a short-interest ratio of 4.6 days based on average daily trading volume.

In recent developments, Director Philip G. Brace acquired 35,000 shares of BlackBerry’s stock in a transaction that occurred on February 14th. This acquisition, valued at $97,650, underscores confidence in the company’s future prospects. Additionally, CEO John Joseph Giamatteo sold 29,862 shares of the company’s stock earlier this year, reflecting dynamic movements within BlackBerry’s leadership.

Institutional investors have been actively adjusting their positions in BlackBerry. Notable hedge funds such as Citigroup Inc., Hudson Bay Capital Management LP, and Connor Clark & Lunn Investment Management Ltd. have either increased or decreased their stakes in the company, reflecting diverse perspectives within the investment community. Currently, institutional investors hold a significant 54.48% ownership stake in BlackBerry.


BlackBerry’s stock experienced a 2.5% decline, trading at $2.69 on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) during mid-day trading on Monday. Despite recent fluctuations, BlackBerry’s stock has demonstrated resilience, with a 12-month low of $2.46 and a high of $5.75. The company’s market capitalization stands at $1.59 billion, with a negative price-to-earnings ratio (-2.81) and a beta of 1.42, reflecting its volatile nature.


Various brokerage firms have recently issued reports on BlackBerry’s performance. Royal Bank of Canada, CIBC,, Robert W. Baird, and Raymond James have provided their assessments, with ratings ranging from “sector perform” to “market perform.” The average price target for BlackBerry’s stock stands at $4.08, as per data compiled by, indicating a cautious outlook among analysts.


Amidst fluctuating short interest, insider trading activity, institutional investors’ positioning, and analyst evaluations, BlackBerry continues to navigate dynamic market conditions. The company’s performance will be closely monitored by investors as it strives to adapt to evolving industry trends and capitalize on growth opportunities in the technology sector.

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