OPEC+ oil supply cuts

Brent Crude Oil Surpasses $90 Mark, OPEC+ Extends Supply Cuts

In a significant development, Brent crude oil surged past the $90 per barrel mark on Friday, propelled by the resolute stance of OPEC+ leaders, Saudi Arabia and Russia, who announced an extension of supply cuts until year-end. This move sent the global benchmark to its loftiest point this year. 


The spike in prices is further underpinned by Russia’s decision to trim diesel exports from crucial western ports by 25% this month. This reduction stems from scheduled seasonal refinery maintenance and a strategic move to retain more supplies domestically. As a consequence, diesel futures experienced a surge that outpaced the gains in the crude oil market.


This quarter has witnessed a notable upswing in oil prices, a trend fortified by the OPEC+ supply cuts, with pivotal indicators like key time spreads indicating a tightening market. Nevertheless, skepticism lingers among some financial institutions. Notably, JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s analyst, Natahsa Kaneva, posits that the attainment of $100 per barrel for crude oil in 2021 remains improbable due to a challenging demand outlook.


John Evans, an analyst at PVM Oil Associates Ltd., weighed in, stating, “Oil’s rally deserves all the plaudits of the impressive type but faces some intriguing times. How the next two week’s central banks’ decisions will affect progress is about to keep oil on tenterhooks for some time.”


With the OPEC+ decisions now in the public domain, attention pivots toward potential actions central banks might take to counteract potentially heightened inflation. Regardless, the surge in Brent oil serves as a compelling testament to the potency of consensus and supply management orchestrated by leading crude producers. 


In conclusion, the surge in Brent crude prices underscores the profound influence of OPEC+ decisions on global oil markets. With supply cuts extended and prices climbing, the industry remains poised for continued shifts in the months ahead. Evidently, a confluence of industry determinations, geopolitical ramifications, and market dynamics collectively contribute to the undulating trajectory of Brent oil in the global market. 


Source: Bloomberg

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