Canoo's Oklahoma City Facility

Canoo’s Oklahoma City Facility Granted Foreign Trade Zone Status

Canoo Inc, a prominent high-tech advanced mobility company, has achieved a significant milestone with the approval of its Oklahoma City facility as a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) by the U.S. Department of Commerce. This pivotal development is poised to accelerate Canoo’s Made in America electric vehicle manufacturing strategy, bolster unit profitability, and expedite the path to breakeven. The announcement regarding Canoo’s Oklahoma City Facility has sparked considerable interest among investors, catalyzing a notable uptick in the stock price of Canoo Inc.


Canoo’s Oklahoma City Facility Approval Catalysts Stock Surge  

Following the announcement of the Oklahoma City facility FTZ approval, Canoo’s stock experienced a considerable surge in trading activity. Having closed at $1.94 on Friday, the stock commenced trading at $2.34 on Monday morning, reflecting investor optimism surrounding the company’s enhanced manufacturing capabilities and improved profitability prospects. The approval of the FTZ designation marks a significant milestone in Canoo’s journey towards establishing itself as a leader in the electric vehicle market.

At the time of this publication, Canoo Inc stock (GOEV) has witnessed a surge.
Canoo Inc
Current Price: $3.02
Change : +1.08
Change (%): (55.61%)
Volume: 92.0M
Source: Tomorrow Events Market Data

Economic Implications of Canoo’s Oklahoma City Facility FTZ Designation  

Canoo’s Oklahoma City facility, which currently employs over 100 workers, is poised to become a hub for advanced manufacturing and job creation. With the capacity to support up to 1,100 good-paying manufacturing jobs at full capacity, the FTZ designation offers a host of economic benefits. Notably, the elimination of customs duties on vehicles sold overseas and the deferral of customs duties on imported parts used in vehicles sold domestically will enhance Canoo’s competitiveness in both domestic and international markets.


Financial Benefits and Cost Reductions  

The FTZ designation is expected to yield significant financial benefits for Canoo, including lower vehicle costs for international sales and improved working capital for domestic sales. By eliminating customs duties on imported parts used in vehicles sold internationally, Canoo anticipates cost reductions of up to 5%, enhancing profitability and competitiveness in global markets. Furthermore, the deferral of customs duties and tariffs on imported parts for domestic sales will unlock millions of dollars in working capital, driving operational efficiency and financial flexibility.


CEO’s Vision and Strategic Expansion  

Tony Aquila, Investor, Executive Chairman, and CEO of Canoo, expressed pride in achieving the FTZ designation and outlined the company’s commitment to expanding its manufacturing footprint in Oklahoma. Aquila emphasized the long-term economic benefits of the FTZ designation, including job creation, economic growth, and the revitalization of American manufacturing. Canoo’s strategic expansion in Oklahoma City, situated on the pivotal I-40 transportation corridor, underscores its dedication to fostering innovation, job creation, and economic prosperity in the heartland of America.


Future Outlook and Growth Strategy  

As Canoo continues to pursue approval for its remaining manufacturing facilities in Oklahoma, the company’s manufacturing footprint is poised to become one of the largest in the state. By prioritizing ownership of the supply chain and investing in advanced manufacturing capabilities, Canoo aims to create high-paying direct and indirect jobs, stimulate economic growth, and drive innovation in the advanced mobility sector. With a steadfast commitment to ‘Made in America’ products and advanced manufacturing, Canoo is poised for sustained growth and success in the dynamic electric vehicle market.

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