Cisco and Splunk deal

Cybersecurity Milestone: Cisco Acquires Splunk in $28B Deal

Cisco (CSCO) has sealed a deal to acquire the AI-driven cybersecurity powerhouse, Splunk (SPLK), for a staggering $28 billion, potentially heralding a resurgence in tech mergers and acquisitions. This acquisition comes after a prolonged period of relative quiet in the tech M&A landscape, underlining the escalating value placed on cutting-edge technologies within the realms of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, and consequently establishing a new industry benchmark.


This monumental agreement suggests a wealth of untapped potential in both domains, paving the way for a flurry of upcoming deals. Despite the challenging macroeconomic climate that has defined tech M&A in the past year, a positive shift appears to be underway.


Highlighting this positive trajectory, Jeffries analyst Brent Thill noted on Sept. 24, “Software stocks have had a great year thus far… outperforming the S&P 500 up 13%.” Thill attributed this exceptional performance to four pivotal factors: milder-than-anticipated macroeconomic impacts, expectations of AI-driven advancements initiating a fresh cycle of development and investment, historically low valuations rebounding, and a resurgence of fund flows into the tech sector from other domains. This period of S&P 500 underperformance seems poised for a turnaround, signaling the potential for deals ranging from tens of millions to even low billions in the offing.


With interest rates on a downward trajectory, funding avenues are becoming more transparent, incentivizing companies to seek avenues for organic growth, acquisitions, and expansion. However, navigating large-scale deals remains a formidable challenge. Regulatory hurdles have the potential to temper investor enthusiasm, though in the case of the Cisco-Splunk merger, prospects appear favorable. Deutsche Bank analyst Brad Zelnick, in a report on Sept. 22, indicated, “from a regulatory perspective, we see limited risk given minimal product overlap (within the observability portion of Splunk’s portfolio) though we would be remiss not to acknowledge today’s regulatory environment and the impact that could have on timing of deal closure.”


As an increasing number of companies explore opportunities for inorganic growth, the tech M&A sphere is primed for a renaissance, with a distinct emphasis on burgeoning technology sectors, particularly AI and cybersecurity. The groundbreaking Cisco and Splunk deal might well be the harbinger of this anticipated resurgence, marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of the tech industry.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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