Epic Games and Apple

Epic Games Pushes for Supreme Court Review of Apple Case

In a pivotal move on Wednesday, Epic Games, the developer behind the popular game Fortnite, petitioned the US Supreme Court to scrutinize an ongoing antitrust dispute with tech behemoth Apple, seeking a reversal of previous rulings handed down by lower courts.


In the year 2021, Apple emerged from initial legal proceedings unscathed, with a verdict asserting the company’s non-violation of antitrust laws. Nevertheless, the lower court stipulated that the iPhone manufacturer must amend a clause that prohibits developers from furnishing users with links to alternative third-party payment mechanisms. This stipulation, however, was subsequently upheld by an appeals court. Moreover, a plea for an emergency injunction by Epic to enforce the lower court’s decision was dismissed by the U.S. Supreme Court.


Epic Games has now turned to the nation’s highest judicial authority, urging a comprehensive review of the case while seeking clarification on several intricate facets of antitrust law. At the heart of Epic’s contention is the assertion that Apple’s business practices impede competition within the software market. The trial court, conversely, maintained that any perceived anticompetitive effects were offset by Apple’s diligent endeavors to fortify iPhone security. Epic Games contends that this assessment represents a misalignment of the balance of effects, a position they are eager for the Supreme Court to affirm.


As of the time of reporting, Apple has refrained from offering any formal statement or response to the request for comment.


Epic Games emphasized that the creation of this content was facilitated by their proprietary tools, and compensation for their usage has been duly rendered.


The unfolding legal saga carries substantial ramifications for Apple, who is acutely aware of the potential ripple effect it may generate across the legal landscape. The company is cognizant that a directive to overhaul their payment system could pave the way for a deluge of analogous lawsuits. Both Epic Games and Apple remain riveted on the forthcoming response from the Supreme Court, cognizant that a favorable verdict could disrupt the prevailing market dynamics of the App Store, potentially dismantling Apple’s prevailing dominion over its digital marketplace.

Source: Reuters

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