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EUV Breakthrough: Intel Ramps Up Production in Ireland Facility

Intel, once the unrivaled leader in chip manufacturing, declared on Friday its commencement of high-volume production using extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography machines at its state-of-the-art $18.5 billion facility located in Ireland. With this strategic leap, Intel is resolutely determined to ascend to its former pinnacle in the competitive chip industry.


The utilization of EUV lithography machines marks an epoch-making technological shift, offering unparalleled precision. Intel’s engineers boast that these cutting-edge tools possess such astonishing accuracy that they could, in theory, target a person’s thumb with a laser beam all the way from the moon. This remarkable endeavor aims to create five generations of technology within a mere four-year span, propelling Intel back to the forefront of the chip industry.


Ann Kelleher, Intel’s General Manager of Technology Development, lauded this momentous decision, declaring it as a milestone for the company. The development of this groundbreaking technology was meticulously carried out at Intel’s research facility nestled in Oregon. Subsequently, it is being disseminated to various Intel sites worldwide for integration into production processes.


The EUV lithography machines, crafted by the Dutch manufacturer ASML, are colossal in size, akin to a bus, and come with an extravagant price tag of approximately $150 million each. These machines rank among the most expensive tools globally and exemplify Intel’s commitment to cutting-edge chip production.


Intel’s ambitious plans extend beyond the shores of Ireland. The company is set to broaden its presence in Europe with the construction of three new facilities. Among them, a sprawling chip complex in Germany and a semiconductor assembly and testing facility in Poland are set to materialize, thanks to financial support from the European Union (EU). This expansion reflects the EU’s strategic intent to reduce reliance on U.S. and Asian supply chains. Collectively, these facilities, in conjunction with the existing Irish plant, are poised to create an unparalleled “end-to-end advanced semiconductor manufacturing value chain in Europe,” as affirmed by Intel.


The expansion in Ireland alone will effectively double Intel’s manufacturing space. The existing workforce of 4,900 employees, constituting half of Intel’s European workforce, is poised to welcome an additional 1,600 jobs at the facility. This development signifies Intel’s unwavering commitment to not only technological advancement but also to job creation and economic growth in the region.


The pioneering foray of Intel into high-volume EUV production in Ireland marks a monumental stride towards reclaiming its preeminent status in the chip industry. The implications of Intel’s bold moves have reverberated throughout the semiconductor industry, evoking enthusiasm and intrigue. Industry experts and enthusiasts anticipate that Intel’s resolute steps could significantly propel the company toward its goal of reclaiming its former preeminence in the chip sector.

Source: Reuters

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