Hadrian X Arrives in the United States for Demonstration Program Preparations

FBR Limited (ASX: FBR), a pioneering company in robotic technology, is pleased to announce the successful arrival of its advanced Hadrian X construction robot in the United States. This milestone event sets the stage for an upcoming Demonstration Program that promises to showcase the capabilities of this next-generation robotic builder.

Upon disembarking from the ship and clearing customs procedures, the Hadrian X will be transported to a designated facility located in Fort Myers, Florida. Here, it will undergo rigorous Site Acceptance Testing (SAT), a critical phase designed to validate its operational readiness and construction performance under real-world conditions.

The SAT process will involve conducting an outdoor test build that mirrors the stringent requirements of the previously completed Factory Acceptance Testing. Additionally, the testing protocol includes the integration of bond beam blocks and a meticulous inspection by an independent structural engineer. This inspection aims to verify that the constructed walls of the test build align precisely with design specifications and comply with all applicable building standards.

Upon successful completion of the Site Acceptance Testing, CRH Ventures is committed to making a substantial payment of USD 600,000 to FBR, signifying confidence in the Hadrian X’s capabilities. Moreover, this milestone will trigger the official commencement of the eagerly awaited Demonstration Program.

Under the Demonstration Program’s framework, FBR will demonstrate the Hadrian X’s prowess by constructing the external walls of between five and ten single-story houses. This initiative aims not only to showcase the robot’s efficiency and precision in construction but also to highlight its potential to revolutionize the building industry with advanced automation technology.

The Board of Directors of FBR has authorized this significant announcement for release to the ASX, underscoring their commitment to transparency and shareholder communication. This milestone represents a pivotal moment in FBR’s journey toward transforming the construction landscape through innovation and cutting-edge robotics.

Stay tuned for further updates as FBR advances through the Demonstration Program, demonstrating the Hadrian X’s capabilities in real-world applications and solidifying its position as a leader in robotic construction technology.

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