surge in Avalon shares

Investor Frenzy: Avalon Shares Surge 39.9% on DKAir Breakthrough

Avalon GloboCare shares experienced a substantial surge on Wednesday following a groundbreaking announcement about a strategic partnership with medical device firm Qi Diagnostics. This collaboration aims to co-develop international multi-center clinical studies for the innovative DKAir breathalyzer device, designed for the early detection of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA).

At the time of this publication, Avalon Globocare Corp stock (ALBT) has witnessed a surge.
Avalon Globocare Corp
Current Price: $1.05
Change : +0.30
Change (%): (39.98%)
Volume: 267.4K
Source: Tomorrow Events Market Data

Qi Diagnostics, a prominent medical device company renowned for its proficiency in the development and production of proprietary Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) nanosensor-based in vitro diagnostic and screening devices, introduced the game-changing DKAir breathalyzer. This handheld device offers a non-invasive and efficient method for diabetic patients to monitor their acetone levels through a simple breath analysis.


Dr. David Jin, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Avalon GloboCare, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing the significance of early DKA detection. He explained, “The DKAir breathalyzer provides a non-invasive, rapid, convenient, low-cost tool for the early detection of DKA. This is especially important for children with Type I diabetes, as ketones gradually accumulate in their bodies until DKA develops. DKAir allows for the early detection of this severe complication, enabling timely medical intervention. Moreover, in some cases, DKA may be the first indication of diabetes in undiagnosed individuals. Additionally, other illnesses can trigger DKA in diabetic patients. We are thrilled to collaborate with Qi Diagnostics to co-develop international multi-center clinical studies for DKAir. Preclinical research has already concluded, and we anticipate the commencement of clinical studies in the first quarter of 2024.”


In response to this game-changing collaboration, Avalon’s shares experienced an impressive upswing, with a remarkable increase of 39.9%. Investors and stakeholders eagerly embraced the news, recognizing the potential impact of this partnership on the medical community and the lives of diabetic patients.


This strategic alliance between Avalon GloboCare and Qi Diagnostics promises to revolutionize the field of diabetes care. The DKAir breathalyzer is poised to become an invaluable tool in the early detection of diabetic ketoacidosis, a condition that can be life-threatening if not identified and treated promptly. By facilitating rapid and non-invasive testing, this technology could significantly enhance the quality of life for diabetic individuals, particularly children with Type I diabetes.


Avalon’s President and CEO, Dr. David Jin, has a proven track record of spearheading innovative healthcare solutions, and this partnership further underscores the company’s commitment to improving patient outcomes and advancing medical technology.


Investors have shown strong support for Avalon’s forward-thinking approach to healthcare, as reflected in the substantial surge in the company’s stock price. As the clinical studies for DKAir commence in early 2024, the medical community eagerly anticipates the potential positive outcomes that may result from this collaboration, ultimately benefiting the global fight against diabetes and its associated complications.


In conclusion, the partnership between Avalon GloboCare and Qi Diagnostics represents a significant step forward in the field of diabetes management. The DKAir breathalyzer’s potential to detect diabetic ketoacidosis early, coupled with the dedication of both companies to improving patient care, has ignited enthusiasm among investors and the medical community. The subsequent surge in the shares pof Avalon highlights the importance of this collaboration and the hope it brings to the world of diabetes care.

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