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Lumen Technologies’ Black Lotus Labs Identifies New Cyber Threat Targeting Outdated Routers

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, cybersecurity remains a paramount concern for businesses and consumers alike. Lumen Technologies’ threat intelligence arm, Black Lotus Labs, has uncovered a concerning development—a multi-year cyber campaign targeting end-of-life routers and IoT devices. The resurgence of TheMoon malware, fueling the cybercriminal anonymity service Faceless, poses a significant threat to global networks. This article delves into the details of this emerging cyber threat and provides insights into safeguarding against such attacks.


Black Lotus Labs Unveils Cyber Threat

Black Lotus Labs’ latest discovery sheds light on a sophisticated cyber campaign aimed at exploiting outdated small office/home office (SOHO) routers and IoT devices. The reemergence of TheMoon malware serves as the linchpin behind the creation of Faceless, a nefarious proxy service facilitating anonymous cybercriminal activities. Lumen Technologies has taken swift action to halt all traffic associated with TheMoon and Faceless across its extensive global network, mitigating potential damages.


The Persistence of Small Office Routers as Targets

Despite advancements in cybersecurity measures, small office routers remain prime targets for cybercriminals. Black Lotus Labs’ findings reveal a concerning trend, with six significant malware campaigns utilizing compromised SOHO routers identified in less than two years. This underscores the critical need for enhanced vigilance and proactive measures to fortify network defenses against evolving cyber threats.


The Evolution of TheMoon Malware

Originally identified in 2019, TheMoon resurfaced in 2023 and has since proliferated, boasting over 40,000 web bots from 88 countries within the first two months of 2024 alone. Black Lotus Labs’ investigation indicates that these bots serve as the backbone of Faceless, enabling cybercriminals to exploit vulnerable routers and devices for illicit purposes, including data theft and financial fraud.


Black Lotus Labs Combating the Cyber Threat

Mark Dehus, Senior Director of Threat Intelligence at Lumen Black Lotus Labs, emphasizes the critical role of advanced network visibility in detecting and mitigating cyber threats effectively. To combat TheMoon and Faceless, consumers and businesses are urged to adopt proactive security measures, including regular device reboots, updates, and replacements of end-of-life routers with vendor-supported models.


Proactive Defense Solutions

Recognizing the escalating cybersecurity risks, Lumen Technologies is poised to launch a proactive defense solution designed to intercept and isolate threats before they infiltrate business networks and applications. Leveraging the expertise of Black Lotus Labs’ threat intelligence, this solution offers robust protection against advanced cyberattacks and malicious activities, ensuring enhanced resilience against evolving threats.


Black Lotus Labs’ Rapid Threat Defense for Cyber Security

Businesses can further fortify their defenses by leveraging Lumen Rapid Threat Defense, powered by Black Lotus Labs’ threat intelligence. This comprehensive solution harnesses global network data and machine learning algorithms to detect, classify, and validate threats in real-time, bolstering organizations’ cybersecurity posture in an increasingly hostile digital environment.


Continued Vigilance and Collaboration

Black Lotus Labs remains steadfast in its commitment to thwarting cyber threats by integrating intelligence from this campaign into Lumen’s security portfolio. The team continues to monitor new infrastructures, identify suspicious behaviors, and collaborate with the broader security research community to safeguard against emerging threats, thereby fortifying the larger cybersecurity ecosystem.


As cyber threats evolve in complexity and scale, proactive measures and collaborative efforts are imperative to safeguarding digital assets and mitigating risks. Lumen Technologies, through Black Lotus Labs, remains at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation, offering cutting-edge solutions and threat intelligence to empower businesses in their battle against cyber adversaries. By staying vigilant, informed, and proactive, organizations can effectively navigate the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape and mitigate the impacts of emerging threats.


At the time of this report, Lumen Technologies, Inc. (LUMN) is trading at 1.6200, reflecting a modest increase of 0.0100 (+0.6211%) from the previous trading period.

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