US stocks close lower

Market Jitters: US Stocks Close Lower as Volatility Rises

In a turbulent session marked by widespread losses, the US stocks close notably lower this Tuesday, diverging further from its recent record-setting trajectory. The day’s trading was ensnared in a climate of uncertainty, with investors grappling with concerns over potential interest rate adjustments and a notable shakeup among what can be termed as the “Magnificent Seven” stocks, adding a palpable note of caution to the trading floors.


Here’s a snapshot of the market’s performance at the closing bell:


– The S&P 500 ($SPX) ended the day at 5,078.65, shedding 52.30 points or 1.02%.

– The Dow Jones Industrial Average ($DJI) closed at 38,583.65, down 406.18 points or 1.04%.

– The Nasdaq Composite ($COMPX) recorded a notable decline of 266.32 points or 1.64%, concluding the session at 15,941.19.

– On the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the index ($NYA) fell by 77.92 points or 0.44%, ending at 17,670.77.

– However, the NYSE MKT ($XAX) bucked the trend, inching up by 39.73 points or 0.88% to reach 4,541.46.

– The Russell 2000 ($RUT), which tracks small-cap stocks, closed down 20.49 points or 0.99% at 2,053.82.

– The Dow Jones Total Stock Market ($DWCF) dropped by 533.47 points or 1.04%, finishing at 50,642.85.

– Meanwhile, the S&P 400 Mid Cap ($MID) index saw a modest decline of 9.28 points or 0.32%, settling at 2,921.38.


Among the notable movers in today’s trading:


  1. Sunshine Biopharma Inc (SBFM): Closed at $0.08, registering a substantial gain of $0.04 (+84.86%). The company witnessed robust trading activity with a volume of 639.9 million shares.


  1. Airship AI Holdings Inc (AISP): Surged to $4.92, up by $3.27 (+198.18%). The stock saw considerable investor interest, with a trading volume of 205.8 million shares.


  1. SoFi Technologies Inc (SOFI): Experienced a setback, closing at $7.27 with a decline of $1.31 (-15.27%). The trading volume for SoFi stood at 171.1 million shares.


  1. Bruush Oral Care Inc (BRSH): Closed at $0.06, up by $0.01 (+29.38%). The stock traded on a volume of 156.3 million shares.


  1. Jaguar Health Inc (JAGX): Ended the session at $0.13, down by $0.02 (-11.54%). The stock witnessed a trading volume of 119.8 million shares.


  1. Fisker Inc (FSR): Closed at $0.41, posting a decline of $0.03 (-7.13%). The trading volume for Fisker Inc stood at 115.8 million shares.


As the market grapples with a myriad of factors influencing investor sentiment, including potential monetary policy shifts and company-specific developments, uncertainty continues to cast a shadow over Wall Street, as stocks close lower, leaving investors vigilant in navigating the ever-changing landscape of the financial markets.

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