Nvidia stock record highs

Nvidia Stock Hits Record Highs as Analyst Sees Undervaluation

Experiencing a surge to record highs, Nvidia (NVDA) stock has recently achieved unprecedented altitudes, although a prominent analyst asserts that its present valuation still belies its true worth. 


Melius Research analyst Ben Reitzes, in a communiqué to investors, opined that despite the soaring stock price, Nvidia remains deceptively affordable. Reitzes observed, “We scrutinize a diverse array of AI-linked stocks, and Nvidia’s present market value reflects merely a nominal premium in relation to the sector’s price-to-earnings ratio. Might we venture to assert that Nvidia now qualifies as reasonably priced?” The analyst underscored that the graphics chip behemoth’s shares are trading at a multiple of 28 times the consensus earnings projections for the fiscal year 2024. “This valuation multiple lags behind industry stalwarts like AMZN (AMZN), ADBE (ADBE), and MSFT (MSFT)—an intriguing revelation considering that Nvidia’s prognostications are arguably amongst the most conservative,” Reitzes appended.


As of year-to-date figures, Nvidia has realized a staggering 240% surge in stock value. This meteoric rise can be attributed to the company’s back-to-back exceptional quarterly performances in 2023. The second quarter, in particular, witnessed earnings that far outpaced already lofty predictions, with the company riding the crest of the AI frenzy.


The tantalizing question of how much further the stock can ascend continues to reverberate amongst market pundits. Melius Research, echoing a bullish sentiment, has granted the stock a Buy rating. The firm has set a target price of $730, markedly outpacing the average consensus among Wall Street analysts, which rests at $643. Perhaps the most optimistic projection comes from Rosenblatt Securities analyst Hans Mosenmann, who pegs the highest price target at a bold $1100.


In Wednesday’s trading session, Nvidia’s shares peaked at approximately $499 apiece. Impressively, the stock commands a majority of 56 Buy ratings, juxtaposed against merely four Hold ratings. Notably, the stock has garnered a complete absence of Sell ratings—a testament to the widespread optimism pervading the market.


Integral to Nvidia’s remarkable trajectory is the escalating demand for high-performance graphics chips. The company’s triumphs extend across an array of sectors including cloud gaming, connected gaming, virtual reality, autonomous vehicles, and artificial intelligence. Analysts contend that Nvidia’s exceptional growth prospects remain undiminished, positioning its stock as a formidable long-term investment. While the investment sphere inevitably harbors risks and uncertainties, Nvidia’s cardinal strength lies in its storied history of consistently delivering robust earnings.


The key determinant of investor confidence moving forward hinges on Nvidia’s ability to perpetuate its impressive performance demonstrated over recent quarters. The unwavering trajectory of the stock will be pivotal in shaping investor sentiment. Ines Ferre, a senior business reporter for Yahoo Finance, delves into these intricacies while closely tracking Nvidia’s journey. For live updates and comprehensive insights into market dynamics, follow her on Twitter at @ines_ferre.


As the volatile nature of the market remains an indomitable reality, prudent investors would be well-advised to maintain vigilance over Nvidia’s progress and judiciously exercise autonomy in their decisions. Amidst the exuberance of attaining record highs, analyst Ben Reitzes raises an intriguing hypothesis, fostering contemplation regarding the untapped potential of Nvidia stock. This, in turn, encourages a broader dialogue surrounding whether the stock harbors further room for ascension.


Source: Yahoo Finance

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