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OpenAI’s ChatGPT Introduces Voice and Image Capabilities

In a significant leap forward, OpenAI’s ChatGPT is set to undergo a substantial update, equipping the widely recognized chatbot with the capability to engage in voice conversations and image interactions. This development brings ChatGPT in closer alignment with established artificial intelligence (AI) assistants such as Apple’s Siri.


The introduction of the voice feature, heralded by OpenAI in a blog post on Monday, is anticipated to catalyze a surge of innovative and accessibility-centric applications. Comparable AI services like Siri, Google’s voice assistant, and’s Alexa have seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the devices they operate on, frequently employed for tasks such as setting alarms, delivering reminders, and furnishing information culled from the web.


Since its inaugural debut just a year ago, ChatGPT has swiftly found favor among corporations seeking a versatile tool for tasks ranging from document summarization to computer code composition. This adoption has incited a competitive rush among major tech conglomerates to unveil their own generative AI-based offerings.


Augmented with the new voice capability, ChatGPT is poised not only to regale with bedtime stories and mediate dinner table debates but also to audibly articulate user-generated text. Spotify is already harnessing this cutting-edge technology to empower podcasters on its platform with seamless content translation across various languages, according to OpenAI.


Moreover, with the incorporation of image support, users can now capture snapshots of their surroundings, prompting the chatbot to troubleshoot issues like a non-starting grill, conduct an impromptu fridge inventory for meal planning, or dissect intricate graphs for work-related data analysis. While Alphabet’s Google Lens currently reigns as the favored tool for garnering information from images, ChatGPT’s foray into this realm is poised to present a formidable contender.


OpenAI has announced that the voice and image features of ChatGPT are slated for release to subscribers of its Plus and Enterprise plans within the next fortnight. This strategic move not only enhances ChatGPT’s utility but also positions OpenAI at the vanguard of AI-powered conversational agents, setting a new standard for user interaction in the digital sphere.

Source: Reuters

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