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Positive Trial Results Propel Clearmind Medicine Stock

Clearmind Medicine Inc, a pioneering biotech company specializing in the exploration and advancement of innovative psychedelic-derived therapeutics to address critical yet under-treated health issues, has unveiled encouraging results from its pre-clinical trial led by Professor Joseph Tam of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem earlier this week. The announcement triggered a substantial surge in Clearmind Medicine’s stock, which closed Thursday’s trading session at $3.50 and commenced Friday’s trading session at $4.58.

At the time of this publication, Clearmind Medicine Inc stock (CMND) has witnessed a surge.
Clearmind Medicine Inc
Current Price: $4.64
Change : +1.14
Change (%): (32.54%)
Volume: 7.4M
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The trial centered around the utilization of Clearmind’s MEAI, an innovative proprietary psychedelic treatment designed to tackle various addictions, obesity, metabolic disorders, and depression. This treatment was combined with SciSparc’s Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), an anti-inflammatory agent and the active component of its proprietary CannAmide™.

The primary objectives of the trial were to determine the optimal dosage for the MEAI-PEA combination, assess their safety profiles, and evaluate their impact on diverse metabolic and behavioral parameters, encompassing fat oxidation, locomotor activity, and feeding behavior.

A total of 84 animals were divided into fourteen distinct treatment groups, receiving single treatment doses ranging from 40, 20, 10, 5, 1, to 0.5 mg/kg of MEAI, with or without a constant PEA dose of 25 mg/kg. The trial revealed a remarkable degree of tolerance to MEAI administration, with no adverse effects on the viability of the animals across all experimental groups. Similar positive outcomes were observed in groups treated with the MEAI-PEA combination, with the most notable effects occurring at 20 and 10 mg/kg. The key findings included:

– MEAI administration demonstrated a remarkable degree of tolerance, ensuring the animals’ viability remained unaffected.
– Combining MEAI and PEA, particularly at 20 and 10 mg/kg, resulted in increased oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide emission, coupled with elevated energy expenditure and fat oxidation—a clear indication of heightened metabolic processes and fat burn.
– A significant reduction in food consumption (appetite) and meal sizes was observed, primarily at 40 and 20 mg/kg of MEAI.
– Slight elevations in carbohydrate oxidation were noted, particularly at 20 and 10 mg/kg.
– At 40 and 20 mg/kg, notable reductions in ambulation were observed without affecting voluntary activity.

Dr. Adi Zuloff-Shani, Chief Executive Officer of Clearmind Medicine, expressed excitement over the latest results, emphasizing MEAI’s potential as a safer and more effective option for weight loss compared to existing medications. The proprietary drug candidate targets fat loss while maintaining and elevating energy levels, motivation, and other positive influences. Dr. Zuloff-Shani highlighted the positive safety profile and previous successful results as factors that enhance confidence in MEAI-based treatments, including the combination with SciSparc’s PEA.

Professor Joseph Tam of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem underscored the promising potential of Clearmind’s MEAI and SciSparc’s PEA combination treatment for obesity and metabolic disorders. The observed enhancements in metabolic processes, fat oxidation, and reduced appetite represent a significant stride toward developing safer and more effective therapies for weight management. The positive outcomes from the pre-clinical trial bolster confidence in the potential success of these innovative treatments in addressing critical health challenges.

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