Powerbridge Technologies stock

Powerbridge Technologies Stock Sees 97.57% Decline Over Past Year

Powerbridge Technologies (Nasdaq: PBTS), a global technology solutions provider, has experienced a significant setback, with its stock plummeting by a staggering -97.57% over the course of the last 12 months. As of the time of this report, PBTS stock stands at $0.99, marking a decrease of -$0.16 or -14.2%.


Trading activity for PBTS reflects a volume of 140.1K, indicative of an intense market reaction. In contrast, Powerbridge Technologies’ stock witnessed a modest surge of 4.63%, while the broader S&P 500 index experienced an increase of 0.89%, as of 10:13 AM on Monday, Oct 16.


The stock’s current value of $0.99 represents a $0.05 gain from its previous closing price of $1.08, with 9,001 shares changing hands. Over the past year, the S&P 500 has enjoyed an 18.72% upswing, underscoring the stark contrast in PBTS’ performance, which saw a nearly 100% decline.


During the same period, PBTS reported a loss of -$5.92 per share, underscoring the substantial challenges the company has faced in recent times.


Powerbridge Technologies operates in four key business segments, including a global trade digital platform and services, agritech and agribusiness solutions, integrated renewable energy and agribusiness solutions, and involvement in crypto equipment trading and cryptomining operations.


In a pivotal move on September 21, Powerbridge Technologies announced a share consolidation initiative, wherein every eight shares of the company’s ordinary stock were consolidated into one, effectively executing a 1-for-8 ratio. This strategic maneuver signifies the company’s efforts to navigate the current market dynamics.


Powerbridge Technologies  remains steadfast in its pursuit of technology-driven solutions and services across a diverse spectrum of industries, even in the face of recent market challenges. The share consolidation initiative is poised to potentially realign the company’s market standing, offering a strategic pathway forward.

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