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SoundHound AI Inc’s Iris: Pioneering InVehicle Voice AI Sets New Standards in DS Automobiles

SoundHound AI, Inc. (Nasdaq: SOUN), a trailblazer in voice artificial illigence, has announced a groundbreaking advancement in automotive technology. The integration of its voice assistant, featuring ChatGPT technology, into vehicles heralds a new era of innovation and convenience on the road. With DS Automobiles leading the charge as the inaugural automaker to introduce this transformative feature in Japan, consumers can anticipate an unparalleled invehicle experience, characterized by seamless voice control and intuitive interaction.


Named Iris by DS Automobiles, the pioneering voice assistant of SoundHound AI has set a new standard in automotive excellence. Launched in April 2023, SoundHound Chat AI Automotive became the world’s premier in-vehicle voice assistant to integrate generative AI capabilities, empowering drivers and passengers alike with unparalleled convenience and connectivity. Now, with DS Automobiles spearheading the initiative, Iris is set to revolutionize the driving experience in Japan, offering hands free access to a plethora of features and functionalities.


Iris stands as the epitome of sophistication in voice AI technology, boasting the ability to seamlessly respond to a myriad of inquiries across various domains. From navigating routes and checking weather updates to making calls and accessing destinationspecific information, Iris empowers users with an extensive array of capabilities. Beyond conventional requests, Iris leverages ChatGPTlike functionality to provide insightful responses to nuanced queries, ensuring a dynamic and enriching user experience.


Early data showcases a significant surge in user engagement with the introduction of ChatGPTlike functionality in invehicle voice assistants. DS Automobiles reports a remarkable increase of over 50% in the utilization of Iris, underscoring the profound impact of integrated generative AI capabilities. This surge in usage corroborates the findings of SoundHound AI’s 2023 driver survey, wherein half of all regular drivers expressed a strong likelihood of utilizing such features, highlighting the growing demand for enhanced invehicle interaction.


SoundHound Chat AI platform stands as a testament to innovation, seamlessly integrating with thirdparty generative AI models to deliver a cohesive conversational experience. Through proprietary technology such as CaiLAN and CaiNet, SoundHound ensures fast, accurate, and contextually relevant responses to user queries. Leveraging machine learning and software engineering, SoundHound Chat AI optimizes conversational flow and accuracy, setting a new standard for invehicle voice assistants.

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