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Tesla Supercharger Hangout – Drive-In Diner Nears Reality


Elon Musk’s ambitious vision of a drive-in diner and movie theater, nestled within a Tesla Supercharger station, has taken a significant stride towards realization. The pioneering CEO had initially hinted at this concept a few years ago, and recent developments indicate that Tesla has secured the green light from the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety to establish this unique establishment in West Hollywood, adjacent to its original intended location in Santa Monica. While an official opening date remains undisclosed, this project signifies Tesla’s innovative foray into combining charging infrastructure with entertainment and hospitality.


The project was first unveiled in a tweet by Musk, where he enthused, “Major new Supercharger station coming to Santa Monica soon! Hoping to have 50’s diner & 100 best movie clips playing too. Thanks Santa Monica city!” The forthcoming Supercharger hub is slated to feature 32 charging stalls, two expansive movie screens, and a restaurant boasting rooftop seating, offering visitors an immersive experience that blends the practicality of charging with leisure and nostalgia.


Tesla, renowned for its expansive Supercharger network, currently boasts over 17,000 individual Superchargers across approximately 2,000 stations throughout the United States. The upcoming West Hollywood site aligns with the company’s pursuit of enhancing charging stations, potentially paving the way for similar deluxe locations in prominent urban centers like Los Angeles.


Notably, Tesla’s aspirations extend beyond catering solely to its own clientele. The company’s recent agreements with major automakers, including GM, Ford, Mercedes, Rivian, and Volvo, are set to integrate their electric vehicles into the Supercharger network from 2024 onward. While specifics regarding access to the enhanced West Hollywood location for owners of these vehicles remain undisclosed, this progressive move underscores Tesla’s commitment to bolstering the electric vehicle ecosystem as a whole.


Tesla’s once-perceived Supercharger network as an exclusive amenity for its vehicle owners has evolved into a multifaceted business venture. The company’s strategic alliances with prominent automakers, accompanied by plans to enable 12,000 Supercharger stalls for their use, have prompted analysts and industry experts to recognize the Supercharger network’s potential as a standalone revenue generator. In a recent report, Dan Ives, an analyst at Wedbush, estimated that the Supercharger network could yield between $10 billion to $20 billion in revenue by 2030, representing a noteworthy 3-6% of Tesla’s total earnings.


While Tesla spearheads the charge, other automakers are also making strides in establishing their charging infrastructure. Brands such as Mercedes, Rivian, and Porsche have announced intentions to develop their charging networks, complete with amenities like dining, shopping, and relaxation facilities for users. Rivian, through its adventure network, envisions installing chargers at iconic destinations such as national parks and bustling outdoor adventure spots.


As the drive-in diner and movie theater concept of Tesla moves closer to materialization in the vibrant city of West Hollywood, it symbolizes a pivotal fusion of sustainable transportation, entertainment, and innovation. With projections of the Supercharger network’s burgeoning prominence in the electric vehicle landscape, Tesla continues to drive forward not only as an automobile manufacturer but as a trailblazer shaping the future of travel and leisure.


Source:Yahoo Finance

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