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Uber Expands Fleet with LA Yellow Cab Partnership

In a strategic move aimed at bolstering its taxi services, Uber Technologies Inc. has joined forces with Los Angeles (LA) Yellow Cab and its affiliated fleets. The partnership, unveiled on Tuesday, is set to enhance the availability of taxis within the ride-hailing behemoth’s platform.


Under the newly inked agreement, taxis associated with LA Yellow Cab and its five partner fleets, namely San Diego Yellow Cab, California Yellow Cab, Long Beach Yellow Cab, Fiesta Taxi Cooperative, and United Checker Cab, will now seamlessly receive bookings through the Uber app. This collaboration is anticipated to infuse an impressive fleet of up to 1,200 cabs into the Uber platform.


Over the past two years, Uber has diligently pursued agreements with private taxi enterprises across global markets, spanning Europe and Asia. This concerted effort marks Uber’s continued foray into the traditional taxi industry, which experienced a seismic shift with the advent of ride-hailing startups over a decade ago.


In a potential paradigm shift, customers opting for an UberX ride may now encounter a conventional taxi. They will be afforded the choice to proceed with the taxi or, alternatively, opt for a reassignment to a non-taxi vehicle. Standard UberX fares will be applicable to these rides.


William Rouse, the CEO of Los Angeles Yellow Cab, expressed optimism about the collaboration’s potential benefits for their driver-owners, particularly in the ongoing recovery from the pandemic’s impact. Rouse stated, “We anticipate that this partnership will have a positive impact for our driver-owners as the pandemic recovery continues.”


Since the onset of the pandemic, Uber has demonstrated a robust resurgence, buoyed by an uptick in inter-city travel and a more expansive market presence compared to its closest competitor, Lyft. By joining hands with Los Angeles Yellow Cab and its affiliated fleets, Uber aims to leverage this resurgent trend and further extend its operational footprint.


The partnership signals a pivotal step forward for both Uber and the traditional taxi industry, as they converge to address evolving consumer preferences in the realm of urban transportation. This symbiotic alliance is poised to usher in a new era of convenience and choice for riders in the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles and its surrounding environs.


Uber Technologies Inc. and Los Angeles Yellow Cab have expressed their mutual enthusiasm for the collaborative venture and look ahead to a future of enhanced accessibility and convenience for passengers in the region. The integration of Yellow Cab’s extensive fleet into the Uber platform is slated to roll out in the coming weeks, promising a seamless and diversified urban transportation experience for residents and visitors alike.

Source: Reuters

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