VIX Declines Following Softer-Than-Expected Inflation Report

The stock market’s fear gauge experienced a drop on Thursday morning as investors processed new data indicating a continued easing of U.S. inflation in June. The Cboe Volatility Index, commonly known as the VIX, was down 0.9% at 12.73, according to the latest data from FactSet. The VIX has been trading significantly below its long-term average of around 20, reflecting a period of reduced market anxiety as the U.S. stock market has rallied throughout this year.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report at 8:30 a.m. Eastern Time on Thursday, revealing that U.S. inflation cooled in June. This report contributed to the further decline in the VIX, suggesting that investors are less concerned about future market volatility.

The stock market has responded positively to the easing inflation, with the S&P 500 showing impressive gains. As of Thursday morning’s trading, levels, the S&P 500 has climbed approximately 17.6% so far in 2024, according to FactSet data. This rally has been underpinned by investor optimism and the belief that the Federal Reserve might slow its pace of interest rate hikes, given the favorable inflation trends.

The decline in the VIX and the robust performance of the S&P 500 highlight the market’s current sentiment. Investors appear to be growing more confident in the economic outlook, buoyed by signs that inflation is being brought under control. This confidence is reflected in the lower levels of the VIX, which measures expected volatility in the stock market over the coming 30 days.

Analysts suggest that the continued cooling of inflation could provide a more stable environment for equities, reducing the need for aggressive monetary tightening by the Federal Reserve. This scenario would likely support further gains in the stock market and maintain the VIX at relatively low levels.

In summary, the recent softer-than-expected inflation report has contributed to a decline in the VIX, reflecting decreased market fears and bolstering investor confidence. With the S&P 500 making significant gains in 2024, the market appears to be in a strong position as it navigates through the year.

Source: Marketwatch

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