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Amazon Prime Video Unveils Revenue-Boosting Advertisements

E-commerce giant Amazon is set to embark on a new revenue-generating venture by introducing advertisements on its popular streaming platform, Prime Video. According to UBS US internet analyst Lloyd Walmsley, this strategic move could potentially inject a conservative estimate of $3 billion into Amazon’s revenue stream if the company opts to display three minutes of ads per hour, aligning with the prevailing industry standard.


Walmsley further speculated that by doubling the advertising time to six minutes per hour, Amazon could potentially witness a staggering $6 billion surge in revenue. Amazon has reassured consumers that they can expect to encounter a notably lower volume of ads compared to traditional linear TV providers and other streaming services. In addition, the company is offering an ad-free subscription plan for $2.99, affording viewers an uninterrupted streaming experience.


Wedbush analyst Scott Devitt weighed in on the potential impact of this global ad rollout, estimating an incremental revenue range between $6.6 and $8.0 billion. Devitt underscored that the ad-free subscription option translates to an approximate 20% increase in the monthly Amazon Prime subscription fee in the United States, now set at $14.99, or a 26% uptick in the annual fee, presently at $139.


Walmsley emphasized the substantial incremental margins this move is poised to deliver for Amazon, citing the pre-investment in content as a key driver. Currently, Amazon’s stock has surged by an impressive 50% in 2023, indicating a favorable market response to the company’s strategic initiatives.


This shift toward ad monetization represents a departure from Amazon’s previous approach, which primarily relied on revenue generated directly from Prime memberships. The impending introduction of ads on Prime Video, slated for early 2024, is anticipated to serve as an additional incentive for Amazon customers to subscribe to the Prime membership program.


In summary, this venture of Amazon of introducing advertisements on Prime Video is set to broaden the company’s revenue sources and could potentially generate billions more in income when compared to traditional linear TV models. This strategic move is aligned with Amazon’s ongoing efforts to evolve and innovate in the fiercely competitive digital entertainment landscape. 

Source: Yahoo Finance

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