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Revolutionary Electric Planes to Take Flight in Ohio River Valley

The Ohio River Valley, renowned for launching the Wright brothers into the sky over a century ago, is now poised to become the birthplace of a new era in aviation. Joby Aviation Inc a cutting-edge California-based company, is set to manufacture groundbreaking electric planes capable of vertical takeoff and landing in Ohio River Valley. In an announcement made on Monday, Ohio’s state government unveiled its partnership with Joby Aviation, marking a significant milestone in aviation innovation.


Republican Governor Mike DeWine expressed his enthusiasm for the project during an interview with the Associated Press, stating, “We find this very, very exciting — not only for the direct jobs and indirect jobs it’s going to create, but like Intel, it’s a signal to people that Ohio is looking to the future. This is a big deal for us.”


The electric planes, expected to join aerial ridesharing networks in Ohio by 2025, offer remarkable features, including quiet operation, a top speed of 200 miles per hour, a maximum range of 100 miles, and the capacity to transport a pilot and four passengers. Joby Aviation has garnered extensive support for this innovative mode of transportation through partnerships with industry giants such as Toyota, Delta Air Lines, Intel, and Uber.


The $500 million project has been boosted by a generous package of incentives, with up to $325 million provided by the state of Ohio, its JobsOhio economic development office, and local government. Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted commented on the historic achievement, saying, “For a hundred years, the Dayton area has been a leader in aviation innovation. But capturing a large-scale manufacturer of aircraft has always eluded the local economy there. With this announcement, that aspiration has been realized.”


Ohio, once again dedicating itself to aviation innovation, plans to commence construction of the manufacturing facility in 2024. The state’s rich aerospace history may play a pivotal role in the project’s success. Joby Aviation CEO JoeBen Bevirt highlighted the significant contribution of Ohio’s components industry to the plane’s stress and design evaluation, while also acknowledging the state’s highly skilled workforce. Federal funding is also in the pipeline for the project, ensuring its continued progress.


J.P. Nauseef, President and CEO of JobsOhio, watched with admiration as the Dayton community, which has faced decades of economic challenges, embarked on this transformative journey. Nauseef stated, “This marries that heritage and legacy of innovation in aviation with our nuts and bolts of manufacturing. It really marries those two together, and that’s never been married together before — not in this town. For a community the size of Dayton and Springfield, (whose people) take great pride, (and) have had rough, rough decades, it’s a wonderful project.”


The success of this venture follows a broader suite of efforts from a bipartisan group of Ohio’s congressional representatives, aimed at attracting the U.S. Air Force’s new U.S. Space Command headquarters or Space Force units to the state. The collaboration between government and industry is set to propel Ohio to the forefront of aviation innovation, securing its position as a leader in the industry for years to come.

Source: AP News

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